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Port Antonio Is A Foodie's Haven

Gastronomes from far and wide will revel in Port Antonio's culinary offerings. The parish is known for perfecting the jerking technique, but there's even more dishes to choose from.

Ready to give your tastebuds a treat? Read on for five tips on how to discover all that is to be eaten.

  1. For a coastal city, it would be a sin to visit and not indulge in the seafood too.

  2. About 20 minutes away from Inn the Town is Fairy Hill. Visit any of the stalls for a wide selection of jerked delights.

  3. Feeling for something saucy? Visit Bayshore Plaza for some pasta at The Italian Job

  4. Get a chance to have some of the best chicken you can get at Zilla's Kitchen.

  5. Visit any of the bars to get a cool and delicious cocktail.


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